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YESCO – Los Angeles, a stalwart of the local business community since 1987, has been illuminating the city with its exceptional sign and lighting services. Renowned for crafting some of the most iconic signs in the area, YESCO has left its mark on landmarks such as the Hollywood Palladium, the Dolby Theatre, and the Hollywood Wax Museum. Their expertise extends to creating vibrant displays for local auto dealerships and bringing creative visions to life at Universal Studios, showcasing their ability to deliver a diverse range of high-quality signage solutions that meet the unique needs of each location.

With a strong presence in Southern California, YESCO – Los Angeles boasts multiple locations that enable them to serve their customers with efficiency and convenience. Their skilled technicians, leveraging nearly a century of experience since 1920, are dedicated to maintaining the brilliance of their clients’ signs and lighting. YESCO’s commitment to excellence is evident in their hassle-free maintenance agreements, which ensure that any potential issues are addressed promptly and effectively, often before the clients are even aware of them. This proactive approach to service has garnered high praise from customers, who appreciate the seamless coordination, flawless repairs, and professional demeanor of the YESCO team.

YESCO – Los Angeles is not just about maintaining the status quo; they are also at the forefront of innovation with their energy-efficient lighting retrofits. By offering extended warranties and employing service experts who are ready to deliver top-notch service, YESCO ensures that their clients’ signage and lighting investments continue to pay dividends. The company’s dedication to providing value through quality service is a testament to their role as a leading lighting and sign company in the diverse and dynamic Los Angeles market.

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