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SignTech is a comprehensive technology solutions provider specializing in the growth and protection of business data systems. We offer a range of services including the sale, rental, and servicing of file servers that are designed to scale with your company’s expanding data requirements. Our expertise extends to building custom computers, servers, and high-end PCs tailored for a variety of applications, ensuring that your hardware meets the specific needs of your business operations.

Understanding the importance of data integrity, SignTech provides robust email services and backup solutions that safeguard your PC and server data, with offsite options available for disaster recovery. We are dedicated to securing your network against external threats, offering a secure firewall that not only protects but also enables remote work capabilities. Additionally, our innovative security measures include a dynamic security code system that updates every 30 seconds, providing a formidable first line of defense for your PCs, email, and servers.

SignTech excels in creating dynamic, informative, and scalable websites that effectively market your business online. Our versatile IP phone systems cater to both small and large businesses, with sales, rentals, and service options to fit your communication needs. We prioritize efficient problem resolution through remote login support and onsite assistance when necessary, and we are adept at cleaning up existing networks to streamline troubleshooting and maintenance. With SignTech, your business is equipped with the technology and support to thrive in a digital landscape.

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