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Founded in 1996, Service Signing L.C. has established itself as a leader in traffic control solutions, catering to city, county, and state projects across various urban streets and federal highways. With a focus on safety and efficiency, the company has experienced consistent growth by ensuring that each project is managed with the utmost professionalism and adherence to regulatory standards. Service Signing L.C. is dedicated to maintaining the flow of traffic and protecting construction zones, making it a trusted partner for government and private contractors alike.

At the core of Service Signing L.C.’s offerings is a comprehensive suite of traffic control products designed to meet the diverse needs of contractors. From signage to barriers, the company provides all the necessary equipment to secure and manage work zones effectively. Their inventory is tailored to support a range of traffic scenarios, ensuring that each project can proceed smoothly and safely, with minimal disruption to the public and workers on site.

Service Signing L.C. is headquartered at 3533 West Airline Highway in Waterloo, Iowa, where it operates with a team of skilled professionals. The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its responsive customer service and the reliability of its traffic control solutions. With a robust infrastructure that includes both a dedicated phone line and fax service, Service Signing L.C. is well-equipped to respond to the dynamic needs of its clients, ensuring that every traffic control challenge is met with an effective and timely solution.

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