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L.J.S. & Associates is a distinguished provider in the real estate industry, offering expert craftsmanship in the fabrication, installation, and removal of wooden “For Sale” posts. These premium wooden signs are designed to stand out, offering a high-visibility alternative to the standard metal yard signs, which in turn helps properties to sell more swiftly and at higher prices. The company’s commitment to quality and aesthetic appeal has made it a preferred choice for realtors seeking to make a lasting impression in the market.

The services provided by L.J.S. & Associates are streamlined for efficiency and convenience. Clients can effortlessly place an order online for a post installation, and the company guarantees that the post will be installed within 2 business days in most of their service areas. Similarly, once a property is sold, customers can request the removal of the post, which will also be completed within 2 business days. The company ensures that the removal process is thorough, including the filling of the post hole, to maintain the safety and integrity of the property.

Engagement and customer feedback are cornerstones of L.J.S. & Associates’ business philosophy. The company invites clients and the community to connect with them through various social networks, fostering a dialogue that helps them to continually improve their services. By encouraging communication, L.J.S. & Associates demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to maintaining a dynamic presence in the real estate industry.

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