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Appenx Inc is a family-owned business that has been enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of workspaces since its inception in 1986. Originating with the innovative Dot-Dash® signage system, the company has grown to offer a comprehensive range of signage solutions, including directories, room identification, and complex wayfinding for various facilities. With a heritage rooted in the design community, thanks to founders from Herman Miller, Appenx serves a diverse clientele, including some of the nation’s most design-conscious companies across a multitude of industries.

At the core of Appenx’s product line is the Outsert® Modular Signage system, renowned for its adaptability and durability. This system features reconfigurable tiles and interchangeable inserts that can be easily modified to accommodate changing informational needs, ensuring longevity and consistent visual appeal. Appenx’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their products’ engineered resilience, with ADA/Tactile embedded tiles guaranteed against peeling, cracking, wear, or fading for the product’s lifetime. This dedication to quality and environmental responsibility positions Appenx as a leader in the modular signage industry.

Appenx Inc prides itself on its customer-centric approach, offering expert service to assist clients from the initial concept to the final product. Whether starting from architectural blueprints, a simple sketch, or a direct consultation, the team at Appenx collaborates closely with clients to bring custom designs to life or to refine existing specifications. Additionally, Appenx’s products are proudly made in America, with all materials sourced domestically, and are available for purchase by U.S. Government Agencies through the GSA Schedule Contract, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and national economic support.

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