YESCO Sign & Lighting Service
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1624 Jacksonville Road, 08016, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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YESCO Sign & Lighting Service stands as a testament to nearly a century of excellence in the sign industry, having been a family-owned entity since its inception in 1920. As the nation’s largest privately owned sign company, YESCO has crafted and erected some of the most iconic and colossal displays across the United States, with a notable presence in Las Vegas, New York’s Times Square, and Atlantic City, including the famed Revel Ball. Specializing in the repair, maintenance, and retrofit of existing sign and lighting systems, YESCO prides itself on integrating energy-efficient LED technology, ensuring that your business’s signage operates at the pinnacle of innovation and sustainability.

With a comprehensive suite of services, YESCO adeptly handles a wide array of sign and lighting types, including LED, neon, illuminated channel letters, electronic message boards, pole signs, pylon signs, monument signs, and building signs. Whether it’s replacing burned-out bulbs and worn-out ballasts, diagnosing electrical component malfunctions, or restoring damaged sign faces, YESCO’s team of skilled technicians is equipped to address and resolve any sign service need. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every sign they service is not only functional but also visually compelling.

Beyond signs, YESCO extends its expertise to a full spectrum of lighting services, catering to the needs of businesses and properties alike. This includes the installation, maintenance, and repair of parking lot lighting, premise lighting, garage lighting, and both external and internal building lights. YESCO’s service experts are always ready to tackle outages, repair damaged fixtures and poles, and solve electrical issues with precision and efficiency. With proactive maintenance agreements and regular patrols, YESCO ensures that your signs and lighting are consistently performing at their best, often identifying and rectifying issues before they become apparent, all while promoting energy-efficient solutions through lighting retrofits.

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