Wallpaper Store Miami
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7111 Biscayne Boulevard, 33138, Miami, Florida
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Wallpaper Store Miami stands as a premier destination for those seeking to enhance their spaces with high-quality wallcoverings. Located in the heart of Miami, this store boasts a vast 2000 square foot showroom that showcases an extensive selection of wallpapers from iconic brands, luxurious names like Elitis and Arte, as well as their exclusive brand, Wall In Vogue. The store caters to both commercial and residential clients, offering a curated collection that promises to fulfill any interior design dream with its diverse range of patterns, textures, and colors.

The team at Wallpaper Store Miami is renowned for their exceptional customer service and expertise in the field of interior design. With a multilingual staff, including the praised Cynthia and Fanny, customers receive personalized assistance in selecting the perfect wallpaper to match their vision. The store’s commitment to excellence extends to their installation services, where meticulous attention to detail ensures a flawless finish, transforming rooms into stunning statements of style and sophistication.

Wallpaper Store Miami is not just a store; it’s a hub for creativity and inspiration, where art dealers and homeowners alike find unique and creative solutions for their interiors. The store’s reputation for quality is echoed by its satisfied clientele, who commend the team’s professionalism and the transformative impact of their chosen wallpapers. With a large inventory always in stock, Wallpaper Store Miami stands ready to assist anyone looking to make a statement with their walls, ensuring that every customer leaves with a product that will bring beauty and elegance to their space.

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