Studio Sign Co.
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9104 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, 97266, Portland, Oregon
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Established in 1963, Studio Sign Co. has a storied history as one of Portland’s most enduring commercial sign shops, renowned for blending traditional sign painting craftsmanship with contemporary materials and technologies. Founded by Dean G. Stanley, a WWII veteran and sign painting expert, the company originally made its mark with exquisite pictorial paintings and landscape murals, some of which remain intact to this day. Under the guidance of skilled artisans like Harry Morgan, Norm Forsberg, and Melvin Lee, Studio Sign Co. has built a reputation for creating custom, high-quality signage that stands the test of time.

Studio Sign Co. underwent a significant transformation in the 1980s when Melvin K. Lee took the helm from Dean G. Stanley. With the advent of computers and vinyl plotters revolutionizing the sign industry, the company was quick to adapt, incorporating one of Portland’s first Gerber vinyl cutters while maintaining its dedication to handcrafted signs. Melvin Lee’s expertise in hand lettering, silkscreen printing, and gold leaf techniques, honed over a 50-year career, ensured that the company’s offerings remained both traditional and cutting-edge, a legacy that he passed on to his son, Nicholas K. Lee, in 2018.

Today, Nicholas K. Lee leads Studio Sign Co. with a blend of modern graphic design knowledge and a passion for the time-honored techniques of sign painting and gilding. A graduate of Portland State University with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Nick has dedicated himself to both preserving the craft of sign painting and pushing its boundaries. His unique approach to combining age-old methods with the latest technology results in distinctive, high-demand signage solutions that carry forward the company’s commitment to excellence in the sign-making art.

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