Signs On The Move
Detailed Information

Signs On The Move is an innovative outdoor advertising company that specializes in mobile billboard marketing, utilizing a fleet of Smart® car trailers equipped with unique 5-foot triangular structures that showcase three-sided signage. This eye-catching approach ensures maximum visibility for advertising messages from every angle, making it a dynamic solution for businesses and organizations aiming to increase their local presence. The service is designed to cater to a diverse clientele, including retailers, restaurants, bars, real estate teams, medical professionals, and educational institutions, among others, who wish to capture the attention of the community in a novel and memorable way.

Founded during the pandemic by Steve Galkin and Brett Diamond, Signs On The Move quickly established itself as a fresh and engaging method of advertising, gaining traction with local businesses eager to stand out in the neighborhoods they serve. The company’s advertising platform is not only about visibility; it’s about creating a buzz in the community. Clients often receive feedback from friends, family, and customers who have noticed the signs, ensuring that the advertised messages are not just seen but also talked about and remembered. This approach to branding is designed to resonate with local potential customers, whether they are part of a “Mom & Pop” shop or a national chain expanding into the region.

The team behind Signs On The Move brings a wealth of experience and community connection to the table. Co-founders Steve Galkin and Brett Diamond have extensive backgrounds in real estate and entrepreneurship, while Jeffrey Snyder, SVP of Sales and Marketing, boasts over 40 years in the photography business, managing commercial accounts and building strong client relationships. Together, they share a deep-rooted history in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which informs their commitment to helping local businesses thrive through effective and engaging advertising strategies. Signs On The Move is more than just an advertising service; it’s a community-centric platform that brings fun and innovation to the forefront of local marketing efforts.

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