Signs from Mars
Detailed Information

Signs from Mars is a creative sign-making company rooted in the vibrant and solution-rich environment of Los Angeles. With a focus on both art and functionality, the business specializes in crafting custom signage that captures the essence of each client’s brand or event. Their services range from the design and fabrication of eye-catching illuminated signs, using either LED or Neon technologies, to the creation of elegant non-illuminated signage, plaques, and detailed vinyl graphics, ensuring a diverse array of options for every signage need.

The founder of Signs from Mars brings a unique blend of artistic talent and street-smart innovation to the table, with a background rich in illustration, graphic design, and fine print-making. This expertise is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the expressive quality of each sign produced. The company’s journey began with a revelation in 2012, transforming a personal quest for direction into a professional mission to provide guidance and identity to others through the power of sign-making.

At the heart of Signs from Mars is a commitment to empowering businesses and events to stand out and be recognized. The company prides itself on delivering not just signs, but symbols of honor, respect, and distinction that allow clients to assert their presence in a competitive landscape. Each project is approached with the goal of helping clients claim their space with confidence, ensuring that every Sign from Mars is not just a marker, but a statement.

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