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3652 Main Street, 90007, Los Angeles, California
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Founded in 1993 in Southern California, Signmakers has established itself as a premier provider of custom signage solutions in Los Angeles, celebrating over a quarter-century of service. Transitioning from a standard sign shop to a boutique, design-focused enterprise, Signmakers specializes in crafting high-quality electrical signage, vibrant neon signs, and sleek acrylic sign projects. The company prides itself on delivering signs that not only attract customers and enhance brand visibility but also resonate with the brand’s core message, making them a trusted partner for a diverse clientele including business owners, event planners, architects, and designers.

Signmakers is dedicated to a collaborative approach, involving clients in a comprehensive five-step process to ensure the final product perfectly aligns with their vision and corporate identity. This process includes an on-site consultation to discuss design specifics, the use of top-tier materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create the signage, and a commitment to exceptional quality through skilled practices such as screen printing, welding, and neon bending. The company’s expertise extends to computerized letter fabrication and computer-routed lettering, ensuring each sign is a testament to both innovation and craftsmanship.

The service provided by Signmakers goes beyond the creation and installation of custom signs. With a team equipped with state-of-the-art installation gear, they ensure timely and efficient setup with minimal disruption. Moreover, their commitment to client satisfaction extends to post-installation, offering maintenance and repair services to restore and preserve the signage’s original luster and functionality. Signmakers invites potential clients to engage in a free consultation with their experts, promising a signage solution that perfectly encapsulates the essence of their business.

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