Sarkis Signs
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20 South Linden Avenue, 94080, San Francisco, California
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Founded in 1962 by Sarkis Boyadijan, Sarkis Signs has evolved from a business primarily focused on hand-painted signs to a full-service signage company with over 50 years of industry experience. Today, the company stands out for its comprehensive approach to signage, offering services that span from planning and design to fabrication and installation. With a team of seasoned professionals, Sarkis Signs leverages the latest digital tools to produce creative art, graphic design, and detailed engineering drawings, ensuring that each sign gives businesses the competitive edge they seek.

At the core of Sarkis Signs’ operations is a commitment to collaboration and compliance. The team works intimately with property owners, project managers, interior designers, and architects to seamlessly transition from prototype fabrication to the final installation of the product. Recognizing the importance of regulatory adherence, Sarkis Signs stays abreast of the latest regulations, including ADA and other government requirements, to ensure that every project meets the necessary standards. Their proprietary clean-room signage manufacturing process has also made them a preferred vendor for major Biotech Corporations, meeting stringent GMP conditions.

Sarkis Signs offers a diverse range of signage solutions tailored to meet the needs of various businesses. Their expertise encompasses corporate signage packages, ADA/braille signs, building occupancy and egress & wayfinding systems, monument signs, vehicle graphics, and more. The company also specializes in creating and maintaining signage guidelines for code compliance and efficient business maintenance. With a dedication to innovation and quality, Sarkis Signs provides not just signs, but a means for businesses to enhance their visibility and branding through expertly crafted and strategically designed signage products.

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