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Detailed Information

Royal Signs & Awnings is a premier Houston-based sign company specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom business signs and awnings. With a full-service local signage facility, they handle every aspect of the signage project, from conception to installation. Their commitment to remarkable service, eco-friendly products, and durable materials positions them as a top choice for businesses seeking to enhance their brand visibility and customer engagement. Their product offerings include a wide array of outdoor signage, LED and lighted signs, channel letters, and more, all crafted to ensure that a company’s presence is both impressive and unforgettable.

The company’s expertise extends to creating high-impact outdoor signs that effectively capture the attention of potential customers. Royal Signs & Awnings produces a variety of outdoor signage options such as pole signs, storefront signs, portable signs, post and panel signs, and temporary signs, all designed to improve business awareness. They understand the importance of a strong business facade and provide custom solutions that are not only effective and insightful but also aesthetically appealing. Their signs serve multiple purposes, from announcing the presence of a business to promoting special offers and providing essential information like business hours.

Inside the business premises, Royal Signs & Awnings continues to impress with their interior signage solutions aimed at supporting in-facility navigation, boosting sales, and enhancing staff productivity. They offer a comprehensive range of indoor signs, including promotional signs, wayfinding signage, and motivational large format wall graphics, tailored to align with a company’s brand and objectives. Their team conducts on-location evaluations to ensure that the signage products perfectly fit the client’s facilities and goals. As a full-service provider, they also offer graphic design, eco-friendly fabrication, and skilled installation, ensuring that every sign is delivered with quality and precision to support a business’s unique branding needs.

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