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88 Jefferson Boulevard, 02888, Providence, Rhode Island
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RiVinyl is a dynamic and innovative company serving as the official distributor for a range of high-quality vinyl and crafting materials from renowned brands such as Oracal, StarCraft, Shinerite, and Eagle. The company specializes in unique and custom sign fabrication, offering a diverse array of products and services tailored to meet the needs of both individual crafters and professional industries. With a commitment to creativity and quality, RiVinyl provides an extensive selection of materials and tools for vinyl cutting, tumbler creation, dye sublimation, and much more, catering to the varied demands of the crafting community.

With a focus on versatility and customization, RiVinyl excels in the production of popup banners, stands, and vinyl banners, as well as offering state-of-the-art UV printing services on a multitude of items including pens, cups, cell phone cases, and customer-provided objects. The company’s expertise extends to the fashion industry with customized textile clothing and specialty pad printing services. Additionally, RiVinyl manufactures specialty displays designed to enhance the presentation and marketing efforts of all types of industries, often collaborating with other specialty companies to deliver exceptional and tailored display solutions.

Education and innovation are at the heart of RiVinyl’s mission, as evidenced by their offering of crafting classes that empower customers to learn and master various techniques such as vinyl cutting and screen printing. The company also provides wide format printing services, utilizing both Eco Solvent and UV technologies to ensure high-quality results. For those requiring precision-crafted components, RiVinyl offers high-quality CNC and milled services, showcasing their dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that support the creative and operational needs of their diverse clientele.

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