Right Way Signs of Chicago
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1134 North Homan Avenue, 60651, Chicago, Illinois
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Right Way Signs of Chicago is a venerable institution in the sign-making industry, boasting a rich history of craftsmanship led by the renowned sign painter Ches Perry, who brings over four decades of expertise to the table. This Chicago-based company is celebrated for its mastery in sign painting, creating custom painted murals, hand painted signs, and hand lettered signs, as well as offering a comprehensive range of custom sign solutions. Their portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects, including the iconic hand-painted Morton Salt logo on the Salt Shed’s roof, a testament to their ability to handle sign projects of any scale and complexity.

With a specialization in both interior and exterior custom hand painted murals, Right Way Signs of Chicago excels in transforming simple logos or typographic murals into intricate, lifelike images of people and objects. Their custom office sign design, fabrication, and installation services are unparalleled, covering a wide spectrum from 3D signs and wall wraps to hand painted ghost signs that evoke a sense of historical authenticity. The company’s dedication to quality extends to premium offerings such as gold leaf signs and window lettering, which are revered for their classic and luxurious appeal.

Right Way Signs of Chicago’s expertise is not limited to traditional sign painting; they are also at the forefront of modern sign technologies. They provide custom vinyl signs, vinyl graphics, and a variety of electric signs, including LED signs, channel letters, marquee bulb signs, neon, and light boxes. Their proficiency in creating menu boards for food establishments ensures that customers are engaged with clear, easily changeable displays. Whether it’s a hand painted roof sign, a neon sign project, or intricate lettering and logos crafted from materials like metal, wood, or acrylic, Right Way Signs of Chicago stands as a leader in delivering professional and high-quality signage solutions to a diverse clientele.

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