Remote Start and Stereo
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3110 Cedar Cross Court, 52003, Dubuque, Iowa
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Remote Start & Stereo stands as a beacon of automotive excellence in Dubuque, Iowa, renowned for delivering superior service in the auto accessory industry. With a legacy spanning over 15 years, this family-operated and community-oriented business has established itself as the premier destination for car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. As the area’s leading Intoxalock Service Center, they offer a comprehensive suite of services, specializing in remote start systems, automotive keys and replacement remotes, car audio enhancements, and Intoxalock breathalyzer installations, ensuring safety and convenience for all their clients.

At the heart of Remote Start & Stereo’s offerings are their remote start systems, where they are recognized as the Tri-States’ go-to shop. Their expertise extends to a broad spectrum of key and remote services, capable of handling everything from traditional keys to the most advanced smart remotes, often providing same-day service. For the audio aficionado, their inventory boasts an impressive selection of decks, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and installation supplies, all of which can be professionally installed by their skilled technicians to elevate the in-car entertainment experience.

Remote Start & Stereo is not just about products; it’s about a commitment to quality and customer comfort. Located conveniently on Cedar Cross Court, nestled between J&J Consignment and Mel’s Carpet Outlet, the store invites customers into a welcoming environment where they can relax while their vehicle is serviced efficiently. The addition of K40 radar detectors and laser jammers to their product lineup underscores their dedication to offering cutting-edge technology and quality, complete with a one-year ticket-free guarantee, further cementing their status as a full-service automotive accessory retailer.

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