Radikal Neon
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7972 Melrose Avenue, 90046, Los Angeles, California
Detailed Information

Radikal Neon is a dynamic and creative company specializing in the design and production of custom LED neon signs. With a team of experienced designers and a commitment to artistry, Radikal Neon offers a modern and safer alternative to traditional neon, providing clients with unique lighting solutions that capture their vision and enhance any space. The company prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that each client’s experience is as brilliant and distinctive as the neon signs they create.

At the heart of Radikal Neon’s service is the ability to bring customers’ imaginations to life through custom-designed LED neon signs. The process is streamlined and customer-focused, offering free design proofs and dedicated support to guarantee satisfaction with the final product. Whether it’s for personal use or to elevate a brand’s presence, Radikal Neon’s bespoke creations are designed to leave a lasting impression, with easy installation and a commitment to quality that shines through in every piece.

Radikal Neon isn’t just about individual custom signs; they also boast an extensive collection of pre-designed options catering to various tastes and spaces. From pop culture icons to witty sayings, their range of neon lights is designed to make any environment ‘Radikal.’ The company’s dedication to innovation and customer experience extends beyond the product itself, offering insights through their blog and inspiration page, and partnering with high-profile clients to bring the enchanting allure of neon to a global audience.

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