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9550 West Sergo Drive, 60525, Chicago, Illinois
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Pryor Signage specializes in crafting decorative signage that embodies both aesthetic appeal and functional design, tailored to enhance the ambiance of hotels, restaurants, and new buildings. With a versatile palette of materials including various metals, acrylics, glass, and woods, the company’s design team collaborates closely with clients to bring their design vision to life or to align with established corporate standards. Pryor Signage’s commitment to creating signage with a lasting impact and a unique design is evident in every project, ensuring that each sign serves as a distinctive landmark for the client’s space.

With a rich history spanning 29 years, Pryor Signage offers a comprehensive turnkey program that encompasses design, production, and expert installation of beautiful signage. The company prides itself on its ability to meet tight schedules, which is crucial for the timely opening of new hotels or high-rise buildings. Pryor Signage’s strength lies in its deep understanding of clients’ visions and requirements, allowing for the creation of complete signage solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Their expertise extends to value engineering signage to satisfy budgetary constraints while delivering unique and aesthetically pleasing signage that aligns with the owner’s design direction.

The creative prowess of Pryor Signage is showcased in their Designer Corner, where they push the boundaries of creativity to assist designers in crafting signage that is both unique and special for their clients’ ever-changing needs. Whether it’s creating a ‘WOW’ factor for restaurant entrances, conveying a sense of relaxation for fitness centers and spas, or providing freestanding signage that capitalizes on point-of-purchase opportunities, Pryor Signage is dedicated to producing signage that not only informs but also inspires. Their goal is to create signage that ‘dances on the wall’ and is perceived as a piece of art, making every sign they produce an integral part of the client’s brand and space.

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