Pronto Signs
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2114 Grand Avenue, 60085, Chicago, Illinois
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Pronto Signs is a venerable institution in Lake County, boasting over four decades of expertise in the sign-making industry. Originally founded in the late 1960s as Pronto Plastic Products, the business has evolved from creating vacuum-formed plastic signs to offering a comprehensive suite of modern sign and graphic solutions. Acquired by the current owner in 1977, Pronto Signs has grown from a part-time operation in a garage to a full-service sign shop, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality and customer service.

With a history of being one of the first storefront sign shops in Lake County, Pronto Signs has a rich legacy of innovation and customer satisfaction. The company’s journey from its original location in Zion, IL, to its current home at 2114 Grand Avenue in Waukegan, IL, reflects its continuous growth and adaptation to the evolving needs of its clients. Pronto Signs takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business, which has fostered strong relationships with many of Lake County’s largest corporations for over 35 years.

The team at Pronto Signs is renowned for their friendly, knowledgeable service, and professional experience in the field. They are equipped to handle a diverse array of printing needs, specializing in the latest techniques in sign making. Whether it’s digital sign installation, custom graphics, or traditional signage, Pronto Signs is dedicated to helping clients meet their objectives with high-quality, effective visual communication solutions that stand the test of time.

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