North Shore Sign
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1925 Industrial Drive, 60048, Chicago, Illinois
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For nearly a century, North Shore Sign has stood at the forefront of visual communication, offering dynamic and high-quality signage solutions that effectively capture and convey business identities. As one of the oldest and most comprehensive sign companies in the Midwest, North Shore Sign prides itself on its unique approach to sign creation. Unlike competitors who may source their products from wholesalers, North Shore Sign boasts a fully equipped, self-owned manufacturing facility, ensuring that every sign is a genuine product of their craftsmanship.

The company’s in-house advantage is evident in the seamless collaboration between its designers, engineers, sales associates, and fabricators. All professionals work under one roof, fostering an environment where ideas and expertise are shared freely, resulting in signs that are not only aesthetically superior but also built to last. This synergy, coupled with cutting-edge equipment and a wealth of experience, allows North Shore Sign to deliver what they believe to be the finest signs available in the market.

North Shore Sign’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere construction; it is embedded in a culture that marries award-winning design with high-quality materials and a professional ethos. Recognizing that a sign often serves as the initial handshake between a business and its potential customers, North Shore Sign is dedicated to crafting advertising signs that not only make a striking first impression but also maintain their allure over time. They invite businesses to collaborate in creating signage that truly embodies and enhances their brand image.

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