North Pacific Sign & Design
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6521 Southeast Crosswhite Way, 97206, Portland, Oregon
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Founded in 1965 by Bill and Marti Ellsworth, North Pacific Sign & Design is a storied establishment in the sign-making industry, with its roots deeply embedded in the art of fine sign writing. Bill Ellsworth, a seasoned sign and scenic pictorial artist, identified a niche between the craftsmanship of hand-lettered signs and the mass production of billboard companies, leading to the creation of this family-owned business. Over the years, North Pacific Sign & Design has become renowned for its diverse range of services, including billboard painting, wall signs, truck lettering, show cards, real estate signs, banners, and window graphics, catering to a variety of signage needs with a personal touch.

Now under the leadership of Bill and Marti’s sons, Curt and Brad Ellsworth, the company honors its heritage while embracing innovation. The Ellsworth brothers have maintained the tradition of painting wall signs, leaving their mark on the community with notable projects like the Troutdale Tulips Tower and the Carlton Grain Tower mural. Their work is not only recognized for its quality but also for its longevity, with some signs standing strong for over four decades. In response to the evolving industry, North Pacific Sign & Design has expanded its offerings to include cutting-edge services such as digital printing and CNC dimensional signs, ensuring that their clients receive the most modern and effective signage solutions available.

North Pacific Sign & Design prides itself on its professional approach to sign production, drawing from a rich history of craftsmanship and an intimate understanding of the industry’s progression. The company specializes in creating custom signs that range from traditional hand-lettered boat signs to contemporary digital prints and intricate CNC dimensional signs. With a commitment to excellence and a portfolio that showcases a blend of classic techniques and modern technology, North Pacific Sign & Design stands as a premier provider of custom signage, murals, and graphics in the Portland, Oregon area.

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