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1606 6th Avenue Southwest, 58401, Fargo, ND
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Founded in 1956 by Harold Newman, Newman Signs, Inc. has established itself as a premier provider of high-quality signage solutions. From its humble beginnings in a garage, the company has expanded to a robust operation headquartered in Jamestown, ND, with additional divisions across North Dakota. Specializing in traffic sign production and installation, Newman Signs offers a wide array of standard and custom signs, backed by a full selection of hardware and accessories. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every sign they produce, ensuring that each one meets the highest standards of beauty and quality.

With a significant presence in North Dakota, western Minnesota, and eastern Montana, Newman Signs’ billboards are a familiar sight, continuously engaging consumers and effectively promoting businesses and services. The company’s growth includes the acquisition of other sign companies, expansion into traffic sign sales and manufacturing, the establishment of a digital printing division, and the addition of commercial and residential fencing solutions. Their state-of-the-art printing facility, Newman Print, allows for the creation of large format projects, including eye-catching vehicle wraps, thereby offering comprehensive advertising solutions to their clients.

As a family-owned business for over six decades, Newman Signs takes pride in being one of the nation’s top sign manufacturing and printing companies. Their dedication to innovation is reflected in the constant updating of equipment and expansion of product lines to meet the diverse needs of customers. As a 3M exclusive company, Newman Signs ensures that every structure and traffic sign produced at their Jamestown location is of the highest quality, contributing to safer and more informed communities. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction positions Newman Signs as a leader in the signage industry, always moving in the right direction.

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