Fillmore Sign (1940) VCL #151
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478-450 Ventura Street, 93015, Los Angeles, California
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Fillmore Sign (1940) VCL #151 is a historic landmark recognized by Ventura County’s Resource Management Agency (RMA), which is dedicated to preserving the county’s cultural heritage. As part of the RMA’s mission, Fillmore Sign represents the community’s commitment to safeguarding its historical assets, ensuring that the legacy of Ventura County’s past is maintained for future generations. The Cultural Heritage Board, a seven-member body, oversees the preservation of such landmarks, working diligently to ensure that the county’s rich history is not only preserved but also celebrated.

The Fillmore Sign is not just a static monument; it is an active participant in the county’s efforts to educate and engage the public with its history. Through various programs and services, such as guest speaker sessions and preservation plans, the RMA and Cultural Heritage Board aim to foster an appreciation for the county’s diverse cultural resources. These initiatives highlight the importance of historical landmarks like Fillmore Sign and provide a platform for community involvement and education, ensuring that the stories and contributions of underrepresented voices are brought to the forefront.

As a testament to Ventura County’s historical narrative, Fillmore Sign is documented and cared for with the utmost respect and professionalism. Historic Resource Surveys are conducted to inventory such landmarks, and photographs are utilized to document their past and present conditions. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to manage and protect the county’s historical resources, guided by ordinances and preservation plans that establish legal and practical frameworks for maintaining the integrity of these cultural treasures. Fillmore Sign stands as a symbol of Ventura County’s dedication to honoring and preserving its historical landscape for all to appreciate.

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