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2550 Okeechobee Boulevard, 33409, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Custom Signs Today stands as a beacon of personalized signage solutions, boasting over 30 years of industry experience and a reputation for exceptional customer service. As a Licensed Non-Electrical Sign Contractor, we are authorized to install a wide array of sign types throughout Palm Beach County. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, Custom Signs, A-Frame Signs, Architectural Signs, and Traffic Signs, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you require interior or exterior signage, from construction sites to research labs, our skilled team is equipped to produce high-quality signs using a diverse range of materials.

Our services extend beyond traditional signage to include cutting-edge digital displays and custom vehicle wraps, transforming your fleet into a mobile advertising platform. With our comprehensive printing services, we ensure your brand’s consistency across various mediums, from business cards to brochures. Our custom vinyl lettering is perfect for storefronts, offices, vehicles, and boats, offering a colorful and professional touch to your branding efforts. Additionally, our design services cater to clients starting from scratch or looking to incorporate existing artwork into new projects, with expertise in both image and vector line art files.

At Custom Signs Today, we pride ourselves on transparency and customer involvement. Our open counter area and visible production space invite clients to witness the creation process firsthand, ensuring confidence in the quality and care we invest in each project. We tackle custom requests with enthusiasm, whether it’s bronze plaques, life-size cutouts, or floating signs. Our commitment to excellence is echoed by satisfied clients like John Stevens, President/Owner of PBE Graphics Warehouse, and Jennifer Berthiaume, Director of Public Relations & Marketing at Ashenden Enterprises, who have experienced the impact of our work on their brand’s visibility and success.

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