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2021 Saint Augustine Road, 32207, Jacksonville, Florida
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Custom Signs is a premier provider of personalized signage solutions, catering to a diverse range of business and personal needs. With a rich history dating back to 1954, the company has built a reputation for crafting high-quality, hand-customized signs that enhance branding and marketing efforts. Whether for businesses, events, or personal milestones, Custom Signs offers a variety of sign types including vibrant full-color plastic signs, meticulously engraved options, and durable aluminum signs with rust-proof metal and sturdy vinyl overlays, all designed to withstand both indoor and outdoor environments.

The company takes pride in its commitment to inclusivity and adherence to business regulations by offering custom ADA signs with braille and tactile lettering. These signs are tailored to meet specific business requirements, ensuring compliance and promoting an inclusive atmosphere. Custom Signs’ production team is renowned for their expertise and dedication to creating personalized products that are never mass-produced. Each sign is crafted with superior image quality and laser-sharp clarity, serving a wide array of clients from security firms to medical organizations and beyond.

At the heart of Custom Signs is an unparalleled Customer Focus Team, devoted to achieving complete customer satisfaction. The team’s deep understanding of the product line enables them to assist customers in selecting the perfect signage solutions for their needs. This customer-centric approach fosters lasting relationships and ensures that each interaction with Custom Signs is exceptional. Beyond business, the company’s employees are actively involved in community service, volunteering with various agencies to support those in need, reflecting the organization’s dedication to making a positive impact both through their products and their actions.

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