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1030 Hayes Avenue, 44870, Cleveland, Ohio
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Custom Sign & Design (CSD), nestled in the heart of Sandusky, Ohio, is a beacon of creativity and sustainability in the signage industry. Since its inception in 2008 and subsequent rebranding in 2018, CSD has been dedicated to crafting high-quality signage solutions for a diverse clientele. With a product range that includes HDPE, vinyl, and various other materials, the company caters to both institutional and consumer markets, ensuring that each sign, from functional directional signage to eye-catching promotional displays, is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of its customers.

Under the ownership of Celeste Hillman, CSD stands out as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Beyond its core offering of bespoke signage, the company extends its creative prowess to produce custom-engraved park benches, personalized coasters, keychains, and more. CSD’s dedication to community is further exemplified through its support of developmentally disabled individuals, collaborating with local DD organizations to foster inclusion and empowerment within the workforce.

At the forefront of environmental stewardship, CSD’s primary business of HDPE signage is a testament to its eco-friendly ethos. The use of almost entirely recycled materials, coupled with a manufacturing process that generates recyclable by-products, positions CSD as a triple-threat enterprise that prioritizes the planet. Located at 911 Meadow Lane N. in Norwalk, Ohio, and reachable at 419-202-3633, Custom Sign & Design is not just a sign maker; it’s a community-focused, environmentally conscious entity that’s shaping the future of sustainable business practices.

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