CirrusLED - The Only Subscription Based Sign Solution
Detailed Information

At CirrusLED, we fundamentally believe in offering our clients the best value and service in the LED display industry. Understanding the financial pressures businesses face, we’ve tailored our payment options to suit your needs. Instead of requiring a hefty upfront payment, we offer a subscription model that significantly reduces initial capital expenditure. This approach allows our clients, fellow business owners like myself, to invest their resources back into their businesses while still benefiting from our cutting-edge LED technology. Our clients appreciate this flexibility, finding tremendous value in spreading the cost over time rather than dealing with a large one-time payment.

Project management is another area where we excel and set ourselves apart. When you choose CirrusLED, you’re not just purchasing an LED display; you’re investing in a comprehensive service package valued between $7k-$20k. We handle everything from local code checks and permitting to the coordination of installation, including engineering drawings, physical materials, and customized installations. Unlike many competitors who pass hidden costs onto the customer, we maintain transparency throughout the process, allowing you to focus on running your business without the added stress of managing your LED display project. This level of service is rarely included in competitor quotes, which often leaves business owners to navigate the complex process on their own.

Moreover, our competitive edge extends to our product’s lead times, quality, and software. While competitors struggle with 2-3 months lead times, our local manufacturing and assembly in New Hampshire enable us to ship within 48 hours once permitting is cleared. We ensure that our quotes are for comparable products, focusing on pitch resolution, display size, and the inclusivity of edge-to-edge screens. Additionally, our software, Screenhub, is designed to be the most intuitive and feature-rich on the market. Coupled with our industry-leading five-year parts and labor warranty, which surpasses the standard 2-3 year parts-only warranties, we offer unmatched peace of mind. Our commitment to support doesn’t end with the sale; our team is available Monday through Friday to assist with any needs that arise, ensuring you have a partner in CirrusLED for the long haul.

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