Chicago Sign Group
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1600 24th Street, 60064, Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago Sign Group specializes in creating high-quality, custom signage solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries. With expertise in crafting everything from business and property management signs to specialized signage for senior living, retail stores, schools, churches, and municipalities, they ensure that every sign they produce meets the unique needs and branding of their clients. Their portfolio extends to hotel and hospitality signs, healthcare and hospital signs, bank signs, as well as banners and awnings, demonstrating their ability to deliver a comprehensive suite of sign services.

Their services include the design, production, and installation of various types of signs, such as vinyl, pole, and mesh banners that are not only easy to order but also provide impactful visibility for any event or storefront. Chicago Sign Group is adept at enhancing professional spaces with elegant signage options like backlit metal letters and LED message boards that are visible day and night. They also offer custom channel letters in various styles, including reverse lit, open face, halo, or front lit, to create a striking storefront presence. For businesses seeking a substantial street-level impact, they provide monument and pylon signs, as well as storefront awnings that offer both advertising and functional benefits.

Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight Chicago Sign Group’s commitment to quality and professionalism. Clients praise the team’s attention to detail, from the initial planning stages to the final installation, noting the helpful guidance in design choices and the meticulous care taken during the installation process. The group’s ability to meet tight deadlines with precision and their dedication to ensuring client satisfaction post-installation are frequently commended. With a base at 1600 24th St North Chicago, IL 60064, Chicago Sign Group stands as a reliable partner for all signage needs, celebrated for their exceptional service and the enduring quality of their work.

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