3BK Sign Company
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512 Southeast Glenwood Drive, 97702, Bend, Oregon
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3BK Sign Company, based in the heart of Bend, Oregon, is a premier provider of sign-making services, specializing in the creation and installation of commercial and bespoke signage throughout the Central Oregon region. With a rich history that began in 1992 as Sign Pro, the company was acquired by 3BK Sign + Construction in January 2023, marking a new era of expanded capabilities and services. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver signs that not only showcase a business’s corporate identity with creativity but also make a lasting impact through the use of diverse materials, finishes, and state-of-the-art illumination techniques.

The merger of 3BK Sign + Construction with Sign Pro has enabled the company to offer an even broader array of products, including traditional signage like vehicle graphics, ADA signs, sandwich boards, banners, and custom flags, as well as large-scale commercial sign fabrication and installation. Their expertise extends to LED sign conversions, small craning, and welding, ensuring that every client’s unique signage needs are met with precision and professionalism. The team at 3BK Sign Company is adept at working alongside general contractors and electricians to seamlessly integrate their services into larger projects, ensuring that the first impression of a business is as striking and effective as possible.

Understanding the critical role of design in signage, 3BK Sign Company emphasizes simplicity and visibility to ensure that signs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easily readable from a distance. Their experienced design team collaborates closely with clients to create signs that effectively communicate the nature and style of the business, considering the sign’s purpose and the type of business it represents. With a licensed and experienced installation team equipped with a fully outfitted boom truck, 3BK Sign Company guarantees quality workmanship for every project, striving to complete each one on time and within budget.

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