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2422 South Lamar Boulevard, 38655, Memphis, Tennessee
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1-Day Signs is a premier provider of custom signage solutions based in Oxford, Mississippi, leveraging advanced computer technology to craft personalized signs for a diverse clientele. With a vast array of typestyles, symbols, and colors at their disposal, the team at 1-Day Signs excels in creating high-quality signs that are both quick to produce and economical. They specialize in storing clients’ logos in their database, ensuring that repeat orders are seamless and just a phone call away, making them a convenient partner for ongoing business needs.

The company’s product range is extensive, featuring durable vinyl lettering that offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional hand-painted signs. Their offerings include weather-resistant banners made from robust 14 oz. vinyl, perfect for sales, promotions, and special events. Additionally, 1-Day Signs provides a variety of sign materials such as aluminum, wood, plastic, and plexiglass, catering to uses like real estate marketing, project site identification, trade show displays, and in-store signage. Their two-sided signs, erected with stakes or frames, are particularly suited for directional purposes and site identification.

Understanding the need for mobility in advertising, 1-Day Signs offers magnetic signs that can be easily applied to and removed from vehicle doors or tailgates, allowing for mobile promotion. They also excel in architectural and building graphics, which are essential for retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, auto dealerships, and professional offices looking to communicate effectively with customers. With a focus on professional presentation and durability, 1-Day Signs is dedicated to providing impactful signage solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

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